About Us

Montres OMAX S.A. was formed in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1946 with the aim of becoming one of the leading watch companies in the world.With a rich history of over 60 years, at one time “Omax” was the largest exported watch by volume from Switzerland. In 1972, one of the leading Swiss Watch designers of that period Andre Le Marquand, designed the Omax Spaceman a new collection which was a pioneer in watch designs.

The company initially focused on mechanical timepieces with Swiss automatic and self-winding movements from ETA. We now concentrate on Quartz watches manufactured in the Far East. “OMAX” watches are water resist and come with a four year battery life using movements which are 100% manufactured in Japan by Seiko Epson.

Over the years “OMAX” has grown successfully and expanded its market, so that now “OMAX” has its presence spread across 5 continents and 127 countries and is still growing.

“OMAX” is a high quality watch with high volume of sales at a low budget price for the mass market”. We have a wide range of models with 50 new models added every month to keep up with the changing tastes and trends in the watch market. Our factory has the capacity to produce over a million watches a month.

“OMAX” is a family company with high values, which believes in Integrity, Honesty, Service, and to develop a special relationship with all its clients, all of whom to us are like family, and we work together with that worldwide family to provide the Best Possible Product at the Best Possible Price without compromising on Quality.