• A Beginners Guide On An Automatic Watch
    The world of automatic watches can seem daunting at a first glance. With a vast majority of watch wearers in our modern day, so use to quartz (battery powered) watches, which simply keep ticking until a replacement battery is needed, automatic watches take on a whole new demeanour and functionality in comparison.
  • Mix and Match Colors in The Best Way
    The guy who discovered the laws of motion also left a gift for anyone struggling to get dressed in the morning: the color wheel. Holding a prism by a window one sunny day in 1666, Sir Isaac Newton proved that light refracts into a rainbow spectrum
  • A Simple Guide for Chronograph Watches
    The chronograph is easily one of the most popular and yet misunderstood watch complications in the world today. Often spending its lifetime unused on the wrist, in reality, the chronograph is a fancy word for a stopwatch. Using the pushers on the side of the watch, you can quickly keep track of time.